About LIScareer

About the Site

Priscilla K. Shontz created LIScareer in 2001 as a companion site to her first book.  The site expanded
into an online collection of practical career articles written by information professionals around the world.  
Richard A. Murray became an assistant editor in September 2004 and has served as associate editor
since 2011.  Tiffany Eatman Allen served as an assistant editor from 2009-2011.  Priscilla offered online
consulting services from 2009-201

IScareer is not currently accepting proposals or publishing new articles.  

Priscilla fully funds and maintains the site.  She appreciates any
donations to help keep the site and
services running.

About the Editors

Priscilla K. Shontz:
I began working in libraries as an undergraduate student assistant in a university
library.  Since earning my MLS, I've worked in university, community college, medical, school, and public
.  I developed an interest in career management through my own experiences as a new librarian,
my involvement with organizations such as the ALA New Members Round Table, and my contact with
other information professionals who continue to inspire me.  I have written or edited four books dealing
with career management for librarians.  
 I currently live in the Houston, Texas, area and work as a
freelance writer and editor.  For more about me, see my
resume.  Contact me at pshontz @ liscareer .

Richard A. Murray:  I stumbled into librarianship almost fifteen years ago while I was working for an
airline, and I’ve been in the profession ever since.  I’m the Metadata Librarian in the Digital Collections
Program at the Duke University Libraries in Durham, North Carolina.  I help manage the process of
describing, organizing, providing access to, and letting users interact with the rare and interesting items
we’ve digitized, including images, video, audio, and text.  I’m also the Catalog Librarian for Spanish and
Portuguese Languages.  Before coming to Duke, I worked as a catalog librarian at Vanderbilt University
and a paraprofessional cataloger at my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I enjoy
writing about the profession; in addition to my articles here at LIScareer, my work has appeared in The
Informed Librarian, The One-Person Library, and
The Librarian's Career Guidebook, and I co-edited A
Day in the Life: Career Options in Library and Information Science with Priscilla.  For more about me,
see my
resume.  Contact me at rmurray @ liscareer . com.  
Career Strategies for Librarians